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Natural Park NA OSTROVĚ [ Přírodní park ]

This protected area is located to the south wets of the village of Nemíž on the right slope of a valley with a stream that flows into the Blanice river. It is original pasture land with an exceptionally rich presence of juniper. The geological base consists of biotitic and silimantic - biotitic gneiss appearing on the surface as rocks. The soil is soft and rocky, in the southern part there is an alluvial plain with alluvial soil types.
Remnants of the original flora community with the dominating presence of Tor Grass, Corn Flower, Boehmer Cat’s Tail Grass, Annual Rockrose and Heartsease can be found on the slope. This community was considerably suppressed with the introduction of pine under which the herb layer with Fescue Grass, Common Catchfly, Mouse-ear Hawkweed, Three Nerved Sandwork, etc. There is a cultivated meadow under the slope towards the stream which is mown twice yearly. Alongside the stream there is a lea in the river. As far as the tree species that are represented here are concerned, the most frequent is the Common Alder, from herbs it would be e.g. Wood Anemone, Wild Angelica, Wild Geranium, Cabbage Thistle and the Lesser Stitchworth.

The bird fauna is represented by its small members, for instance the ever diminishing Linnet nests amongst the junipers. The adjacent stream with many of invertebrate species is exceptionally clean. The cultivated pine wood is partly self-seeded and partly artificially planted with and addition of Norwegian Spruce, Silver Birch, Red Oak - both Sessile Oak and English Oak.

The junipers suffer underneath the thick pine cover; it is very thin, long and partly dry. The pine needs to be totally cut out (some clearance intervention has taken place). So that the open meadow species do not expand, especially Wood Small-Reed, grass needs to be mown regularly. It would be ideal if a grazing programme could be re-established here.

Basic Data:
Cadastral area of Nemíž
Area 4.21ha
Altitude 340-390 m
Established in a writ of MK ČSR, no. 18.077/72 of 29.11.1972


Typ záznamu: Přírodní park
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